10 Secrets You Should Know About Men

Time and again, women find themselves absolutely clueless about how their men “function“. In this article, I will give you some “technical” information which aims to help you understand your man better. Men can also give this article to their women as a user manual ;)

Men Are Wanderer.

In John Gray’s book “Women Are Like Waves, Men Are Like Rubber Bands” he describes his observation of the up and down of women’s emotions and the need of men for freedom and autonomy. Both forms are hardly understandable for the opposite sex.

Men Want To Be Respected

As James Bauer points out, being respected is one if not the most important thing for a man in a relationship. Men were asked in a study if they would rather give up respect for feeling loved, or the other way around and almost all of them chose respect above love. That again can be seen as respect=love for men. What Men Secretly Want Review By James Bauer.

Men Want To Live Their Independence.

You don’t do yourself a favor if you think that you are the cause of him pulling away and coming back. Men mostly have a significantly greater need for autonomy than women. To assure themselves that they still have this independence in a relationship, they need to have the freedom to pull away in order to come back voluntarily.

Men Are Hunters, Not Gatherers.

Have you experienced that when you are going out for dinner, the waiter gives you the menu and within a few moments your man knows what he wants and while you are studying the menu for the next 10 minutes? He’s waiting impatiently for you to finally decide. Give him something to do in this time, ask him questions or anything that occupies his mind.

Men Are Creatures With Two Faces.

A man consists of two beings, the friend and the dragon. Every man has the need to pull back from time to time. He uses this time to recover, regenerate and for the clarification of his overall needs. If a man feels uncomfortable or hurt, he’s retreating into his “cave” in order to heal – opposed to the need of women to heal their pain by talking to others.

Men Are Cavemen.

If a man is feeling hurt in a conversation with his woman, he’ll pull back into his “cave”. Women take that as an insult and follow him into his cave in order to talk it out.


By doing so, they are invading a man’s last safe room. At this very moment, a man sends his dragon which results in coldness, rejection, silence, insults, rage and in the worst case violence, depending on his temper and emotional stability.

Men Are Overwhelmed By The Power Of Their Emotions.

Frequently, it is said that men have no feelings at all. That is absolutely not true. It is rather that the emotions of men are so intense for them that they shy away from them.

Rage gets suppressed to not hurt anyone; they don’t want to feel sorrow so that they don’t get lost in it; they ignore fear in order to still be able to act. All of those are legitimate responses and partly necessary survival strategies.

Men Need Their Time Alone.

Men can perceive themselves better if they don’t get pushed. As you may have noticed they are not as open to share their feelings as quickly as you would like them to. It is easier for a man to become clear about himself when he’s alone.

The more he allows himself to have “me-time” without any distraction, the more comfortable he will feel when he’s in company with others. (I’m not talking about isolating himself, I’m talking about some time he needs in his cave where he eventually will come out voluntarily.)

Men Need “Men-Time”.

The game between men and women lives from their differences. There is nothing worse in a heterosexual relationship than when a man tries to act like a woman so that she is happier and the other way around. In this case, the differences disappear and the tension but also the excitement vanish.

Your man becomes your best girlfriend which is clearly not what you want. A possibility for men to charge their batteries with testosterone is being with other men. Particularly effective is when they have a mutual task and/or goal, working or playing together ;)

Men Love To Observe.

It lies deeply in a man’s nature just to observe. This might be a reason why men enjoy more to look at those who are dancing instead of dancing on their own.

That is of course absolutely not understandable for us – the sense of dancing is actually dancing, not observing others. If you are looking at Tango you can see that very clearly: while the man is taking care of structure and leading, his partner fills out the room around them by her caprioles.

10.  Men Are Responsible For A Space Of Awareness In Relationships.

The task of a man is it to create a stable, protected space for a relationship while women mostly dedicate themselves to supporting the relationship.

Support your man so that he can fill out his role by reducing your effort to manage the relationship. He will feel like your protector, as the man which will make him way more comfortable and relaxed in your relationship.

Conclusion: Yes you guessed it, men function differently than women. The more both of you are able to let yourself fulfill the roles of man and woman in your relationship, the more attraction you will create between the two of you.

The deeper his connection to other men is, the more empathy he will feel for you as a woman. But you can also develop a deeper understanding of the male mind when you accept your femininity.

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